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Weight Management

Weight Management

I have various methods of achieving weight loss at Practical Hypnotherapy. The Hypno-Band Therapy is a world-renowned method.

I also can see you with a different approach. Any sensible and mature approach should still give similar suggestions for healthy eating, portion size, less snacking and more exercise (to name but a few) that you would find in Hypno-Band, but if the virtual surgery session is not for your I can see you for 3 instead of 4 sessions and still include an audio track in the process.

Before beginning the first of the 3 sessions I can work with you to find the best approach for you to achieve your desired weight loss. For this I would either need to speak with you or have some email contact to establish the habits around food and(or) exercise that need to be addressed. I’m more than happy to read a length about your habits and goals so as I can plan ahead for the sessions. I can also structure the sessions following session 1 (giving you all-encompassing healthy suggestions) and then moving towards session 2 and 3 to be more specific as to your own needs, which I will take into account and then plan them from that point, ready for your appointments.

Session 1 is the longest of the three and usually lasts for 90 minutes, but could be longer, so please allow up to two hours.

The appointments are between a week and three weeks apart, depending on client and suitable appointment availability.

I recommend, for both standard hypnosis weight loss programmes and Hypno-Band sessions alike, that all of the sessions (apart from Hypno-Band session 4) are put in your diary at the start of treatment so as to reinforce that these programmes are ones to be adhered to. Your commitment is the key to success. a week apart is preferable as this will allow for weekly weigh-ins and for you to notice changes in the ways you think about food and exercise.

For weight management sessions I would ask client to commit to 3 sessions. For this commitment I am now offering £20 discount (total of £130).

If a deposit is made the balance for the sessions is to be settled at session 1.