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  • Promotional fee of £200 (usual fee £250) is now in place. For this you get 4 sessions + 3 additional audio tracks
  • Hypno-band is the world’s number 1 hypnotic gastric band system.
  • Tried and tested method.
  • Hypnosis is 100% safe and works by changing habits and modifying attitudes for healthy weight loss.
  • Lose weight, the healthy, safe and long term way.
  • Either use the enquiry form or call on 07796 272790 to arrange the sessions.

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This process comprises of 4 sessions, CD’s to listen to between sessions (3 in total, or, if you prefer, there is the download option), a food diary, and 100% commitment from my clients. Hypnosis can help to re-program the subconscious—and driving force—of our minds by giving hypnotic suggestions of eating healthy, less snacking, smaller portions of food whilst also engaging in more physical activities (where possible). We also will take a look and see if there are any emotional and/or situational reasons behind eating outside of mealtimes, and then incorporate messages for not reacting to these in the future.

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The sessions build up to the virtual gastric band operation (in session 3), and then a follow-up session some weeks later to adjust the band if necessary. Sessions 1 to 3 are typically spaced with a week (minimum) to three weeks apart to allow clients time to both listen to the accompanying CD’s (or downloads if you prefer), and to chart weight loss.

The intake appointment is where you will receive a pre-talk about hypnosis, the Hypno-Band system, look at your own habits and behaviors in regards to eating/snacking, and culminate in your first hypnosis session. Hypno-Band has a very good global track record, and is my go-to method of weight management for clients.

You can expect to be with me for around an hour and a half to two hours for the first session (as there is plenty of ground for me to cover to stand you in good stead). There is also some analysis so as to tailor certain suggestions to the individual. Subsequent sessions will be completed in around an hour.

Session 2 is the preparation for surgery session, wherein the build up to the virtual surgery begins.

Session 3 is virtual surgery (with added sound effects piped through the Hypno-Com headset). After session 3 you will receive the 2nd of 3 audio tracks.

Session 4 is booked at a later date and can be either an adjustment or reinforcement session. (Track 3 is given to the client at this point.)

The virtual surgery session does have sound effects, so as to better lead your subconscious down the route of change. A physical anchor is also used during that session; you will then take it away with you to reinforce the messages you hear.

My aim as a practitioner of this system is to have the client begin to make changes in the first week and therefore, see this reflected in the scales on their weigh in on the morning of session 2 ahead of coming for their appointment.

Please note: This is not a drastic or extreme course of action, (hypnotherapy cannot be drastic where surgery definitely can). It is about a healthy look at changing your relationship with food. The success of the system on a global level is the reason why it is my go-to method

It is not intended to completely change you overnight; the system is a gradual, progressive approach for you to have long-term change. Change that you can sustain.

I am now using the Hypno-Com system to give clients and deeper, more relaxing experience.

When booking clients are asked to pay a deposit of £20 (usually £50, ahead of current promotional period) to secure the sessions in the diary.

Gastric band surgery runs into many thousands of pounds and so this method of hypnotic surgery is proving to be a popular option with clients who want to lose weight. In short, it’s the process of surgery without the knife! The NHS is currently looking closely into the success of this method of weight loss as a viable alternative to surgery.

This is the World’s No.1 hypnotic gastric band system and has a proven track record.

Practical Hypnotherapy is proud to be able to be able to offer this system to clients and has welcomed clients from North Yorkshire down to Oxfordshire.

If you have private medical insurance either through your employer or simply by yourself, you may be entitled to receive money towards the cost of the treatment so please do check.

I have found Hypno-Band to be the most effective weight loss treatment that is also safe and empowering to the client.

It is my opinion that this is a far better, cost effective and empowering than systems where you are given food prepared, or even sachets of meal replacements, because it gives you the power to eat less and eat healthier without having to think about relying on a company to feed you long term, where the cost can be thousands of pounds a year.

  • Currently Priced at £200 (usual fee is £250). The deposit of £20 will confirm your first three sessions in the diary. The balance is to be settled at the first session and is non-refundable. See paperwork at the time of session one for further details.*

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“Hi Peter
Here’s an update. It’s been eight months since I started on Hypno-Band. I’ve lost 103lbs!
Thank you for your help. I’m going on holiday this summer and feeling very confident about it. Hypno-band helped me change how I saw food, allowing me to feel full more quickly and eat less. I’m also exercising regularly now and that was something I never did. I remember it being part of the suggestions and I just got the urge to start swimming. I now run too!
Bye for now”
Sue Turner

“Dear Peter
I’m sending you an email (I remember you saying that you like to hear how clients are getting on).
I’m feeling great and doing well. I’ve had to buy a completely new set of clothes. (Had to do this a few times actually). Really pleased that I decided to make the step of going ahead with the system. I can still hear your voice in my head now (don’t panic, it’s a good thing)!
All the best
Helen James.”

“Good evening Peter
Well, it’s had been 3 months since I started and I am happy to report that I am much lighter, fitter, happier and healthier. Thanks for everything. Oh, I’m swimming now too! I got the urge. You must have really gotten into my head on that one!
Thank you