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Controlled Drinking

Controlled Drinking
  • Would you like to cut down on drinking alcohol?
  • Use the power of your mind with hypnotherapy to have your conscious and subconscious working together as a team instead of battling one another.

‘Binge drinking’ or even casual drinking that gradually builds up over time to be habitual, can have a negative effect on our well-being. Other than the obvious negative impacts on our bodies it is important to note that our personal safety, the safety of those around us, our self-esteem, levels of happiness and all round mental health can be affected.

With my approach, I can work with you to bring your levels of drinking back to a manageable level with you being back in control using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and direct suggestion. If you have the desire to change then I can work with you to bring about that change and get you back in control.

If you are alcohol-dependent, I would require you to first consult your GP, as experience and medical advice has taught me that this should be your first port of call. Hypnotherapy cannot remove the physical side effects of stopping immediately; these can be dangerous, and medically monitored withdrawal is required.