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Although a natural and beautiful thing, childbirth can be scary for many. Hypnosis can be highly beneficial for those who want to go through with childbirth but eliminate the fear and, indeed, pain that may come with it. Medium trances can be used for some women in the build up to the event without the need for the therapist to be nearby and/or much deeper levels can be achieved which can then be returned to when the time comes with the simple use of a keyword that can either be spoken by the therapist or, with the help of a partner or friend, used by a loved and trusted one to help the expectant mother reach the loving calm they require when going into labour.

These deep levels usually take a few sessions at least to achieve and practise due to their depth but they are very powerful and calming in their nature. Many people find these depths to be euphoric. As with all hypnosis, if the need should arise, the subject can do so at will with ease. Please contact us for more information on these deep states of hypnosis.

I have used hypnosis to aid in the birth of my son.