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Terms and Conditions

All clients as required to fill out a medical questionnaire form before undertaking hypnotherapy with me here at Practical Hypnotherapy. In the form, you will be asked to disclose certain medical information.

Whilst hypnosis is very safe, if you are epileptic or undergoing psychiatric treatment, then I would ask you to first obtain a letter from your G.P to confirm that he/she is happy for you to work with us using hypnosis.

Practical Hypnotherapy reserves the right to refuse to treat a person. Rapport and trust between the therapist and client in a prerequisite in the process and in achieving success. If you or the therapist feel that this is not there then either of you should bring this to the attention of the other and not go ahead with treatment. If this is the case I will happily recommend you to another hypnotherapist in the region.

I ask that, if you have paid in advance and wish to cancel, you give 48 hours notice (this does not include the hours of Sunday). Notice not given before that will render full fees, (if paid in advance) non-refundable as the time set aside for you may not be able to be filled. Should you wish to reschedule you will be asked to kindly leave another deposit. If sessions paid for in advance where clients fail to show there will be no refund given. Failure to give 48 hours will result in the client being requested to pay for the session as the slot will not be able to be filled in such short notice. The exception for this os for Hypno-Band clients, where 24 hours notice is part of the agreement that the client signs. If 24 hours notice is not given, I will be happy to offer the next appointment at a fee of £50.

When 48 hours notice is given, I will be happy to reschedule the appointment on one occasion. More than this will require a further deposit.

If you have a smoking backup session booked and need to rearrange, please, once again give 48 hours notice. On weekends, this is particularly problemtatic as these are my busiest days. Whilst I want to help you, short notice means that I, as a practionter, will have a void—no pay/finances involved. In the past this has happened a lot and I cannot—in good faith and with a smile on my face—do this, as I only work to put food on the table and pay the bills.
This is a condition that is included in the terms and conations all of my clients sign up to.

If you have paid in advance for your session and cancel ahead of 48 hours of your session, you will be refunded the amount, minus the amount for the deposit

As stated on the payment page, deposits are non-refundable.

Whilst the widgets of my site indicate different geographical areas in Yorkshire, the majority of my work takes place at my office in Holmfield Mills (see map on all pages). Sessions can take place within clients home by prior arrangement (where mobility issues and/or phobic conditions mean a client cannot get to me) but this will incur a call out fee to compensate for the time and fuel involved. The places named are areas that I can cover for home visits.

I offer no guarantees with hypnosis. There is no “magic bullet” and, as with most treatments and services in life I cannot offer a 100% success rate although I will work to the best of my abilities to help you achieve your goals. Hypnotherapy is a two-way process. I require clients to work with me and follow my instructions carefully. I have no figures when it comes to percentages of success. To attempt to do so would be dishonest. Each client is different in terms of how they respond to hypnosis, how they use their imagination and how they can follow instructions. I am here to help you and will do so to the best of My abilities.

If a returning client for stop smoking (smoking cessation) treatment and fails to show for their appointment, Practical Hypnotherapy reserves the right to discontinue treatment and the backup session with be null and void. If further treatment is agreed upon then there will be a charge. The years support, if needed will include a 2nd session. If unsuccessful, the therapist may support the client with suggestions of actions to take.

The client needs to be 100% committed to stopping. Sadly, there is only so much that can be said to a client and so if there is a third session which is unsuccessful (a very rare place to be at) then support will continue for the remainder of the year but this will more than likely comprise of email contact advising the client on alternative actions. It cannot be guaranteed that a person will stop smoking although the methods used are the best that I can offer and refunds are not offered.
If a client who smokes tobacco also smokes other products, I cannot offer the years support as cannabis and the like add a variable that can hinder the process.

Clients or prospective clients are kindly asked not to arrive without an appointment. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes ahead of your appointed time as client privacy needs to be respected. Poor behaviour or radically bad timing may result in the termination of treatment. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for your appointment then please do call or email. Whilst I can accommodate for clients who are slightly late, longer than 10-15 minutes may mean having to reschedule for a later date. It is more than likely that I will have other clients scheduled in for after your session. If you are seeing me as the last client of my day, then I myself may well have other plans after your session. If you have an late afternoon or early evening appointment and do not show beyong fifteen minutes after your appointment time, it is likely that I will leave the office and go home. In the case of a later appointment, If you are delayed, please stop to call or text, as I may be able to wait for you.

I do not offer emergency sessions and do not guarantee a call back within a time frame when it is not suitable for me to do so.

If a session is paid for in advance, yet the client fails to show, a refund will not be issued as the time allowed for the session cannot be recovered. Doing so would mean a double loss for the therapist. A suitable time will be offered for another session, but a fee will be required.

I do not have a reminder system in place, so the client needs to be aware of the time and date of their appointment. I cannot be held responsible for a client forgetting that they have an appointment with me. Refunds will not be given for sessions not attended.

If a client does not show up for an appointment, I will not necessarily contact them in relation to this.

Again—deposits are non-refundable.

No refunds will be issued for sessions that have been conducted, as they will not be if the client fails to show up

Sessions are strictly on a 1 to 1 basis.

Fees for sessions are non-refundable. The Hypno-Band fee is to be paid at session 1 and is non-refundable. This applies for other predetermined multiple session fees. If you pay for Hypno-Band in advance and wish to cancel, please do give 48 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in no refund (of the fee, minus the deposit) being given. Your times and dates will be set in the diary, with session 1 being the longest and the therapist setting aside three hours for this appointment. Your future sessions in the diary may not be filled and so the therapist is protected from this with your fee, as they will be when the balance is paid at session 1.

If I, the therapist, cannot attend an appointment due to illness or any other emergency matter, I will reschedule an appointment for a time and date as soon as possible.

If a client cannot attend an appointment due to illness, I will see them again at a later date without charging a further fee.

My policy is to offer an appointment with a 24 hour window for the deposit. I do this as, being self-employed, I cannot afford to have missed appointments for clients, and need to secure my appointments as early as possible.

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