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Price Guide

For the most part, individual clients require different treatments and may need to see a hypnotherapist more or less than others. As soon as I have achieved your stated goals I will draw the therapy to a close.

Following the code of ethics that I strictly adhere to, here at Practical Hypnotherapy I will not recommend or carry out more sessions than the client needs. However, please note that the Hypno-Band treatment is a licensed and structured system which follows a regulated plan. In the same sense, we reserve the right to turn away clients if the required rapport cannot be established, or if we find that a client may not be able to commit to a plan of therapy that is recommended by the therapist.

Upon booking, I ask that clients pay a deposit of £20 (£50 for Hypno-Band). Once a time and date is agreed upon I will send you a link to a payment screen. Deposits are non-refundable. For the Hypno-Band treatment, the balance is to be paid in full at the first appointment or when booking the treatment.

Hypnotherapy Single Sessions
Fee: £50

These sessions can vary in length, but usually lasts around 1 hour and involves an intake interview, the hypnosis itself and a post-hypnosis interview. For returning clients, I begin with a summary of the last session and track the client’s progress before going into hypnosis. time in hypnosis may vary.

As we are all individuals the number of sessions a client can vary from one person to the next. I recommend booking in for one session (excluding weight loss treatments) and gauge how you are feeling after that meeting. Weight loss sessions, including the Hypno-Band method, take place over multiple sessions and are priced separately, further down on the pricing page.

Audio files can be made for clients, by prior arrangement, and would usually include a small fee. The session fee covers the time in my office, rather than external audio files. Weight loss sessions and my stop smoking method have audio files as part of those systems.

The fee for my stop smoking method is £80. Please see below for details

Stop Smoking Session
Fee: £80

My specially designed stop smoking session is slightly longer than the usual sessions. I will give you an intake interview before taking you into hypnosis.

Book in good time and I will provide you with a CD to listen to before the session (and also a questionnaire to bring along with you for me to tailor the session specifically to you). If you like I also have a DropBox account and can invite you the folder where the 2 tracks can be found and then email you the questionnaire. Whichever you find most convenient I will be happy to do.

I am so confident that you will be successful that I provide the option of a backup session for a full 12 months after you see me.

Once a client has stopped smoking I have found the average person recoups the cost of the treatment within a couple of weeks.

Hypno-Band Weight Loss System
Fee: £200 (usually £250)

This is an in-depth process, comprising of a total of 4 sessions, pre and post-hypnosis contact with the therapist, diet and light exercise plans, CD’s to listen to between sessions and 100% total commitment from our clients. Please use our BMI calculator and if your BMI is below 25, then the Hypno-Band treatment is most likely not for you. We would recommend our standard weight loss programme (usually 3 sessions). Gastric band surgery runs into many thousands of pounds and so this method of hypnotic surgery is proving to be a popular option with clients who want to lose weight. In short, it’s the process of surgery without the knife! The NHS is currently looking closely into the success of this method of weight loss as a viable alternative to surgery.

Weight Management 3 Sessions

Priced at £130, with the 3 sessions being secured with a deposit of £20. Balance to be settled at the time of the first session. See Weight Management page for more details.

Deposits are non-refundable. They are in place to protect (in small part) against people not showing for their appointments and to, once again (in a minor way) cover costs for not being able to fill that appointment slot.