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"You're feeling verrry sleeeepeeee"—no, no you're not.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—hypnosis is not sleep. If it were, even your subconscious mind may not be paying attention. It could be off dreaming somewhere.

Dispelling myths about hypnosis is an important part of the the pre talk that the hypnotherapist needs to conduct with clients who are new to formal hypnosis. I say “formal hypnosis” as hypnotic scenarios happen to us pretty much on a daily basis. We just don’t see it that way.

I have used ocular fatigue before though. Having a client look up at a spot. Their eyelids do naturally begin to feel heavy as they are focusing intently on a spot at an angel. Eyes will naturally tire.

I have a good FAQ section on my site that will give you more information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Please do head over to it and take a look.

On a lighter note, I’ll be heading out into the wilds of Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield and perhaps Leeds later today to search for a Christmas tree and various presents for the Preston family. Brace yourselves—Christmas is coming!

Have a good one.