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Windy Weather...It's that time of year.

Here’s a blog entry slightly less based in the world of hypnotherapy. It is Sunday after all!

It’s a beautiful day but boy, it is ever a windy one!

Later on today the wife, my son and I will be joining my visiting father and his partner for a spot of lunch in Halifax, so I am already coaching my stomach in preparation for a spot of feasting this beautiful December Sunday.

Whilst I am not advocating overindulging on a regular basis my clients who see me for weight management using hypnosis to help them in the process will know that I do say that losing weight and staying healthy does not mean a life of abstinence.

Okay, so I said this was going to be a bit light on the hypnotherapy side of things and yes I admit it, it’s headed in that direction…for good reason.

A traditional “diet” has a specific target, meaning an end date and a lot of do’s and dont’s. Meal planning, calorie counting and quite often a considerable financial outlay for the duration of the diet (I’m thinking Jenny Craig and Lighter Life here to name but two). Sustaining such diets costs many thousands of pounds a year.

I want my clients to consider changing behaviors when it comes to food. Seeing food in a new light and managing it in a different way.

Call or email me if this sounds like it will be of interest to you. Hypno-Band or otherwise.