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Who Can And Cannot Be Hypnotized?

People will often ask a hypnotist, “are there people who can’t be hypnotized?”

The fact is that the hypnotic state is a natural state that people go in and out of all the time. The only real difference is that in formal hypnosis someone is guiding you through that state.

Consider what happens in those moments before you drift off into sleep. You close your eyes, you still your body and your attention begins to turn away from the outside world as you descend into an inner world of your own. This is very much like the hypnotic state with the exception that someone is guiding you through that state.

Understand that anybody can enter that state; therefore, anybody can be hypnotized.

However, whether you, I or someone else is able to to hypnotize them is a different matter altogether.

There are conditions where a person will not respond to hypnosis. These are:

  • People who are drunk or on drugs (most drugs will inhibit the brain responding with the exception of “hypnotics” such as Sodium Pentathol (truth serum)).
  • People who, deep down resist and also have a misconception of what hypnosis is (it is the therapists job to work on the latter, where people who resist will not be good subjects).
  • People with very low IQ’s or perhaps a brain disorder (ADD can hinder as a person who has an issue to paying attention).