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What will the festive season bring in terms of hangovers, expanding waistlines and overall health?

I’m thinking about this, ahead of time. I need to really. January is when people like me and gyms tend to be busier than usual.

Here in Halifax, if I want to go to the gym I am a member of in town—and I do this rarely because of the equipment I have at home—I need to think about when I can get in there and manage to use the equipment I want in the time I allot to my workout. In January? Forget about it. In January I’ll be staying well clear of the place—but for the right reasons.

In January gyms are packed to the rafters with people looking to repair the damage done in December, for many it’s the damage done over the whole year before… but these good intentions peter out over time. That strong resolve to get fitter, lose weight, cut down on drinking, stop smoking (to name but a few) grows weak for many—not all—in the passage of time.

I too see more people in January than I do in any other month—but I want my clients to keep that strength up.

Hypnotherapy is about getting your subconscious to pay attention and to fall in line with your conscious, rational thoughts. Want to lose weight? Diet maybe? Think more of a healthy diet rather than ‘going on a diet’. The latter are short and often end in the dieter going back to their old habits because the reasons behind them have not been addressed and/or they’ve not thought about thinking differently. They can also lead to resentment. Sound familiar? Manage to achieve that and you can look positively at the idea of having an easier ride when it comes to healthier eating and smaller portion—plus any other areas that may be affecting you.

This new year I will be putting myself in the chair for exercise motivation and more juicing (the healthy juices that is). I look forward to my sessions with myself. More than likely these will come late in the evening when I have finished helping my clients. Hypnosis is a tool, and can be a very helpful one indeed.