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What's in a word?

Having recently been asked if I “guaranteed” that the Hypno-Band weight loss system that I am licensed to perform I wanted to address the question in my blog.

Whilst I offered my assurances that I would guarantee that I will always do the very best work I can in all cases, no work therapists do can come with a guarantee of success. A person does not ask a GP to guarantee that they will cure what ails them.

I think that due to the nature of the work we hypnotherapists do and that it is not provided on the NHS there can still be some scepticism as to the validity of it.

Once the client commits to the entire process of the Hypno-Band and agrees to work with the hypnotherapist the chances of success are greatly increased.

Hypnosis was recognised as a valid form of treatment by both the British and American medical associations over 50 years ago and since that time the leaders in the field have worked tirelessly to improve and expand methods used.