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The Warmth of the North

Having only been living back in Yorkshire for six months I am left with a beautifully warm feeling inside to see that the general warmth of those in this part of the country is as strong as ever.

My mother has her side of the family residing and coming from Yorkshire. I myself studied back in the day at the University of Huddersfield and only now, after having been absent from Yorkshire for eleven years have I been afforded the opportunity of returning…

…And I love it!

Yes the scenery is breathtaking in every and more ways than I remember it being, but this time…this time I get to show it to my wife who has never lived in the North. Also, my 6 month old son Fletcher is now going to grow up as a Yorkshireman. He was born on April 14th. On April 30th we headed North from a village just north of Brighton. 3 humans, our beloved hound Margot, the cats and a few smaller creatures too!

My wife Hayley has been made to feel welcome by the folk up here and even though I had prepared her for the overall warmth of those living in Yorkshire I still think that it came as a surprise to her.

For my part, getting to kick start my business in this new location whilst also caring for my son when I do not have clients to see is a pretty busy task to meet head on on a daily basis. Still, I love every moment of it. I feel blessed. And now to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist and practice Hypnotherapy in Yorkshire is an honour and a duty I take very seriously.

So, Yorkshire and the people who I have met on my return (you know who you are), I thank you with all of my heart and hope to do you proud in the coming years.

Peter JB Preston