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Some common misconceptions about hypnosis

Whenever I begin working with a new client I make sure that I spend plenty of time talking about the mind, how it works and why it does some of the things that it does (often to one’s detriment).

As part of my pre-talk I always make a point of dispelling an age old myth that it is the weak minded who the only ones who can “go under” with hypnosis and submit themselves to the will of the hypnotist/hypnotherapist.

In fact it is those with the higher IQ’s that are the best hypnotic subjects. That isn’t to say that there is a defined demarcation point where one can or cannot be hypnotised. Moreover it is those who have a good imagination, are open minded and who can follow instructions that are the best for he process. Speaking of following instructions I have found that current or ex military personnel are brilliant hypnotic subjects as they have been in a position where following orders has been the very core of what they do in order to make our armed forces the very best in the world. If orders/instructions are not followed then a unit will not work as one.

There are many more old myths about hypnosis and hypnotherapy that I wish to address but I’ll save them for another time.

For now I must dash as I have a client coming to stop smoking with the help of hypnosis in my specially designed single session.

Thank you for reading.