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Nicotine patches and sprays? No thanks. Here's why.

I was about to comment on how, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why there are so many adverts on television for nicotine patches, sprays and the like…Then I remembered that it’s because they are longer term money makers!

We are told that they provide a 24 hour supply of nicotine to the body. Well, that would be good if a smoker truly needed to have a fresh supply of the stuff in their blood even at night whilst they sleep. They truth is that they don’t! Heroine addicts may indeed wake up craving a fix but do smokers wake with the shakes at 3am in need of a smoke? No, of course they don’t. Can they manage a long haul flight without turning into a wreck in the corner? Of course they can.

Smoking is a HABIT that can be broken. Nicotine is out of the blood stream within 48-72 hours after the last cigarette – FACT.

Call or mail me to see how together we can beat the habit. Break it and say goodbye to the poison of cigarettes and know that nicotine is easy to live without.