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On the subject of sugar.

Okay, this is a close subject to my heart when it comes to weight management.

We have been and still are being inundated by adverts purporting the health benefits of a low fat or even zero fat selection of foods without mentioning the SUGAR content, which are often hidden under the sub header of carbohydrates – of which sugars.

Sugars are energy and if that energy cannot be used when consumed well, then it gets stored in the form of fat. Think of it as topping up on spare batteries. Batteries that your body can use if it ever gets short of energy and can then call upon them.

We need fats…not all fats I will say that. Trans fats (fats found in processed foods) are unnecessary, but without a certain amount of fat in our diet we will suffer all kinds of consequences.

Having spent many years studying food, nutrition and how it affects us I am happy to sit down with clients prior to commencing treatment and have them consider such things and, with their permission, structure them into our sessions.

Diabetes and obesity are a major worry for those of us who want to live a long, strong, happy and healthy life.

If you want to make that change and start to get the most out of life and be there to enjoy it for as long as you can then please do give me a call or send me an email.