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It's only a couple of hours out of your day that could save your life.

I’m afraid so. I’m talking about smoking again.

I take that back. I’ll make no apologies for promoting my stop smoking session. As an ex smoker myself I am still at a place where I wonder from time to time if I ever went too far, too long with smoking and if the damage has already been done. Still, I’d rather have that worry as a former smoker than the ongoing one of a smoker who is still playing Russian Roulette with their life.

The fact is that smokers have a 50% chance of being made extinct from cigarettes. That’s like putting a revolver to your head with 3 bullets ready for action and taking your chances. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen “The Deer Hunter” but I don’t fancy those odds. Now, more than ever, as I am a husband and a proud father I cannot accept that those are odds I could ever live with.

Yes I’m promoting my business here and yes I am okay with that. After all there is food to be put on the table. I am proud of being able to help people stopping smoking with hypnosis because after all, it could be the session that saves their life!

  • Hypnosis is safe.
  • Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking proves that our bodies are not chemically addicted to nicotine. It’s a HABIT.
  • I make a promise to my clients that, should they go back to smoking within a year of seeing me, I will see them again with no charge.