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Interesting Hypno-Band client.

I posted this on my Facebook page earlier this morning:

My client last night went deeply into a hallucinatory state during session 2 (pre op) Hypno-Band. This is not something that all need to expect to feel, (rather the idea of meeting your surgeon and anaesthetist), but…it did make for a very effective session indeed. Add that to a client who already got off to a flying start and I think that the next session will be an interesting one!

Now, that was the post. Gastric band hypnosis has many areas of positive suggestion and, from time to time when in hypnosis a person can live through what is being suggested.

My hypnotherapy client was in for session 2 and reported that they really could see everything as I described it to her as if she were really there. She found this to be very powerful. I did too!

She lost 7lbs in her first week with gastric band hypnosis. This too was great for her as she noticed so many changes in the way she was thinking about food, the choices she made, being satisfied more easily and all of this coming along so easily for her.

Session 3 will be next week so I’m interested to see how she will experience it and will feed back on my blog and Facebook page.