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If you don't believe in hypnosis, avoid hypnotherapy—but blue is still blue even if you believe it to be green.

Weird way to promote my business huh?

I titled this blog in such a way because from time to time—more times than I care for—I either get asked to prove to someone that hypnosis is real, or face up to words to describe hypnotherapy as “bull”, “fake”, “rubbish” and that list goes on and on believe me—with some really unsavoury ones in there to boot! There are others that will say to stay away from the like of me because I will brain-wash people or make them bark like a dog. Seriously? What kind of therapist would that make me?

So, back to the original point, hypnosis—subconscious suggestion—exists whether a person cares to believe it or not. It really does and a barrage or tests by the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association back in the 1950’s found it to be so. Because of such tests and findings I can call myself a “clinical hypnotherapist”. I myself have had a tooth extracted through hypnotic suggestion for anaesthesia and also used it for the birth of my two sons.

One time, in a social scenario, when asked what it is I do—such as is human nature upon meeting new people—I replied that I am a hypnotherapist to which the response was “You don’t really believe in all that do you?” I asked in reply:

“Could you tell me what it is that you do?”

“Oh, I’m an estate agent,” came the reply.

“So tell me—how do you sleep at night?”

What followed was an uncomfortable silence and then me having to explain that what they had done was to mock my profession to my face, so I returned the favour.

People rarely think twice about making such comments about my profession to my face!

I am here to help my clients but I will avoid selling someone into hypnotherapy that has a dim view of the profession. I do not mean to come across as cold or mean spirited—such as can happen so easily in the written word—but I often tire of defending the profession. There is proof for hypnosis—unlike homeopathy—but it needs to be pointed out that there are people who get a lot out of hypnotherapy and those who do not.

Pretty much every week I use the analogy of a plasterer and a welder. You give either of these trained professionals the tools of their trade and the materials to work with and then you will have your result. The finished product. Give a talk therapist a client and the results can vary. Everyone is different and their ability to follow instructions—or otherwise—can vary wildly. Guarantees cannot be made because of this. I do however always aim to give a more than competent pre talk—an in depth explanation of hypnosis and the mind—before conducting the therapy element of the session.

Here’s the golden ticket to hypnotherapy… don’t expect to feel hypnotized.

Thanks for reading.