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I've said this before. Hypnosis is not a feeling.

It’s a key point to highlight when meeting with new clients ahead of the portion of the session where suggestions are made where the client is in a more suggestive state—a hypnotic state.

Hypnotherapy can be such a wonderful agent for change, but the therapist does have a duty to sit down with new clients (or stand if they wish) and to conduct what is known as a pre talk.

The pre talk is the time where some coaching as to what hypnosis is and what it is not takes place.

Some hypnotherapists use what can be called convincers whereby some hypnotic phenomena is presented to the client to show them that they are indeed in a state of hypnosis. However it should be noted that convincers are not needed at all and a client should be told to expect not the feel hypnotized at all. That being said and even with the best coaching there will still be clients who do not take this advice on board at all and come out the other end feeling let down as they did not feel hypnotized. For this minority the best coaching and advice in the world will not help them. I don’t like the term ‘lost cause’ but sometimes even the most competent and experienced therapist can be left scratching their head in such cases.

If you are reading this and are considering hypnotherapy the best and first piece of advice I can give you is to shelve any ideas you may have about feeling hypnotized. If you can do that, there is very little in the way of seeing you achieve great results. If you should come and see me you will have the benefit of a lengthy pre talk. I want my clients to succeed and take with them the memory of a meaningful experience from hypnotherapy. Hypno-Band (gastric band hypnosis), stopping smoking, anxiety therapy, phobias or in fact anything—I want you to succeed!

Thank you for reading.