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Hypnotherapy in West Yorkshire and distance travelled

Hi there.

It’s an interesting one for me—the subject of how far one is willing to travel to see a therapist with a very important job in mind.

I recently spoke to a person who was desperate to stop smoking, for the sake of her health and her worrying family. The two of us were on good terms and ready to set a time and a date before the penny dropped. I’m not based in Leeds. I’m too far away.

This happens from time to time and leaves me scratching my head. I’m about sixteen miles from Leeds and yet this can be seen as some as too far to come with an aim of changing one’s life—perhaps even saving it.

Thankfully this is not often an issue, as about 40% of my clients come from the Leeds area. In fact, at the moment I have 1 client coming from York and another from Salford.

My advice. My impartial advice is this: Go with your gut, think of the change hypnotherapy can bring to you, and be it with me or any other therapist, consider going that extra mile for your hypnotherapy. I’m happy to drive the extra miles to get my hair cut on a regular basis. Pick your therapist and make sure that nothing stops you making that appointment to start your journey of change. Be it weight loss, stopping smoking or ridding yourself of that phobia. You may well look back fondly that you did so.