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Hypnotherapy for weight loss—and a lot more—is fundamentally safe

Hi There.

I get the question of safety quite a lot, and I’m happy to address this as-and-when required.

Yes, suggestion, helpful suggestion is very safe, where certain dieting techniques are not.

An example of this is that I have seen 2 clients who became addicted to an approach that shall remain unnamed here suffice as to say that it requires the user to consume meal replacements and hit a total calorie count of less than 600 per day! That is scary and it has led to the 2 clients I mentioned becoming addicted to the system and becoming anorexic.

In any sane opinion, that kind of calorific intake is a no-no. It’s not safe and not wise. Yes, you WILL lose weight, but your body is getting less than it needs to function properly. Just do a search for the dangers of an extremely low calorie diet.

In addition to this it’s a diet, not a lifestyle change. What I aim for is not 30, 60 or any other amount of days on a regime. What the hypnotherapy approach to weight loss looks at is a shift in thinking about food such as: healthier food, smaller portions, less snacking, poor habits, exercise, slower eating and more. These are good, healthy ideas that empower the individual and are more importantly safe.

Want to know more? Take a look at my Hypno-Band and/or weight management pages.

Thanks for reading.