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Hypnosis for motivation for Juicing (not steroids).

Yes, I’m now working on getting those of you who wish to get that extra edge to be successful at having the strength to say yes to healthy juicing (fruit and veg).

Whilst the idea sounds great, the reality can be a little bit more difficult, what with the temptations of food that you chew being at every turn.

Now,I’m not advocating a purely juice diet. This is not safe in the long term, but, as a short term replacement or as part of a healthy balanced diet (say juice for breakfast and or lunch) I would recommend such a move. The body will get such a great amount of vitamins and minerals that could otherwise be bypassed with the vast amount of processed, pre packed foods that swamp our supermarket shelves.

If you are interested in getting the extra, subconscious edge then do give me a call or email me to schedule in a session.