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Hypnosis and Trance

They are not the same… but they both have a place in the work that I do.

Hypnosis is a narrow focus of attention, so that the person can become absorbed. For therapy this would be directed by the therapist’s voice. Trance is like daydreaming. Using both together can lead to poerful change work for the client.

However, the above is always open to speculation; put twenty hypnotists in a room and before long you will have arguments, lost friendships and Facebook blocking aplenty.

I recently spoke to someone whose complaint with hypnotherapy was that they weren’t ‘under‘—even though that person had received a very detailed pre-talk as to what hypnosis was and was not. They had their own world view of what hypnosis was supposed to be, and no professional hypnotist was going to tell them otherwise.

My job is not to get a client to fall asleep for a portion of their sesssion. This can happen from time to time. If it does I will ask the client to respond to me in their sleep with moving a finger or the like. If they respond, Bingo! I carry on. If not, there would need to be a gentle rocking of the shoulder to wake them up, before continuing, if time permits.