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High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a danger to your health—and it's everywhere.

I scream in my own head when I see adverts toting low fat food products, and I’ve been doing it for years. We need fats. Fat is not the enemy (unless we are including trans fats (hydrogenated processed fat). No, the number 1 enemy—and I’m pleased to see the mainstream media is sort of cottoning on—is sugar.

It’s addictive and when we look at its presence in HFCS we can see, rather alarmingly its presence on pretty much all of our food shelves in the shops. We don’t need it and we haven’t evolved to handle it.

Want to lose weight, feel and be healthy? First take a look at what you think the problem is in terms of what you are eating and what you maybe think you should be eating. If I’m preaching to the converted here I apologize… but not enough of us know what it is that is good and bad for.

If that’s taken care of let us then think about making the transition an easy on—enter hypnosis.

Even for those of us that know what it is we should be doing it terms of what we eat and drink, actually making the right decisions is not an easy one. That’s because the subconscious is in the driving seat. Hypnotherapy aims to get the subconscious to fall in line with the conscious mind.

I’m looking forward to handling clients new years resolutions as we head into 2015 and bookings have been taken in order to do so.

Call or email me to discuss how I can look at helping you get in the right mindset for change.