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Gym motivation. Specifics. Free sessions for Guinea pigs.

Hello folks.

I’m working on starting a new framework for people who already have experience with, and are looking to up their game in the gym, or on the field, track etc.

The first 4 people who respond will have a hypnotherapy session from me, completely free of charge. All I require is either an email and/or a phone conversation so as I can understand what they do already and the areas that they would like to improve on (stamina, drive, strength etc) and I will then see them for the session (for which I will have planned for before the time of the session) and then come along, have the session and then feedback to me their results.

So, simply get in touch and if you are in that first 4 I will see you. To be honest I’m not really sure who will be reading this but I will soon add it to my Facebook site and, hopefully, before too long I’ll be seeing the first of my clients for my mini study.

Thank you for reading.