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Dare I say "New year's resolution"?

I know, it may be a bit early, but I’m already hearing the phrase being bandied about.

Personally, mine is to be fitter in 2016 as I was in 2015; be the better version of me as the years do their best to make me feel my age. I’ll be 38 in January and, come 2025 I want be healthier as I approach 48 than I am now. Will I be using hypnosis? Absolutely.

I’ll be getting my tweaks—from a source that will remain secret—in order to make the transition into the better me an easier one; getting the subconscious on-side as it were. Personally, I want to find that extra 5% I need when pushing myself in the gym. This in itself will assist in weight loss. (I’ll be wanting to do a bit if that after overindulging over the festive period.)

I’m going to be back in to office on Saturday the 2nd of January (yup that early) and will be looking forward to helping my clients in 2016 achieve their goals for the year.