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Beating Insomnia. Practical Advice.

Yes hypnotherapy can be very effective in treating insomnia, but being an insomnia sufferer myself there are also some other measures—things to do and avoid—that can help you in your quest for restorative sleep. Here’s some of them below:

  • a hot bath 1 hour before bed. The temperature spike and its effect on your core temperature can be surprisingly helpful.
  • avoid blue slight spectrum devices 1 hour before bed—such as tablets, pc’s, laptops and smartphones. The blue light tricks your subconscious into thinking that it’s daytime and that you should be awake. As someone who has spent a month in the Arctic Circle during winter I can tell you how confusing this can be.
  • avoid caffeine for 4 hours before bed time—this includes regular tea and cola.
  • never use alcohol as a sedative. It’s more than likely that if you do attain sleep that you will wake in the early hours and have trouble nodding off again.
  • exercise. Yes it’s an oldie, but a goldie, and so if you are able—get willing, and see how this helps you.
  • deal with you worries during the day. Taking them to the bedroom will more than likely meant that they resurface in the pre-sleep state and prevent you from nodding off.

If you should wish to see me to address sleep issues—even nightmares—then please feel free to call or email me to arrange your hypnotherapy session and we can make a start at restoring your restful nights. I have an insomnia client from Huddersfield tomorrow morning and I am very much looking forward to getting them back on track.