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Beachbody culture

It can be a problem, I know.

I’m seeing more people striving to fit with ideals that are portrayed in many areas of the media—and it’s only getting worse.

Sure, I see posts on the Huffington Post and the like, espousing the benefits of being comfortable in your own skin, and this I agree with.

When I client is looking to lose weight, much of the time it relates to how they want to look; many other times a client wants to be physically healthier (type 2 diabetes and other weight-related illnesses). In many cases it is a mixture of the two.

Overall wellbeing—both mentally and physically—should be taken care of, I just worry that at times the bar is set too high; so called “bigorexia” is now a growing issue for men… and that’s not a good thing.

Fitting with a sensible, healthy body image is preferable, but it can be hard to settle on when advertisers and tv shows keep ramming perfection down our throats.

I recently turned away a HypnoBand client as they were around a size 8. I couldn’t, in good conscience, agree to work with that client. That wasn’t an easy conversation to have—and it wasn’t the first that I’ve had to do. wanting to lose weight and actually agreeing it as a good idea, are sometimes not the same thing.

Life rarely seems to be easy these days.