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"Am I hypnotizable?"

In a word… yes.

If you have asked yourself that question or have thought “I’m too strong willed to be hypnotized” then you may well have the wrong impression of what hypnosis really is.

A weak mind does not a good hypnotic subject make.

From the clients I have met over the years I would say that approximately 99% of people who have not had an experience of hypnosis for hypnotherapy in the past, have the wrong impression of what hypnosis is… and that’s okay. As the therapist it’s my job, prior to hypnosis to tell them what it really is and give examples of hypnosis in everyday life. This is what is known as the “pre-talk and it is very, very important to me that my clients get a beyond competent one.

Hypnosis is not about losing control, being asleep or clucking like a darn chicken (yes, I hear all of these a lot).

A hypnotic scenario occurs when your subconscious mind is open to suggestion. This happens when we read, watch movies or fiction on tv and in many, many other ways.

You’ll hear more on this in my pre-talk.

Thanks for reading.