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Beachbody culture

I’m seeing more people striving to fit with ideals that are portrayed in many areas of the media—and it’s only getting worse.

Sure, I see posts on the Huffington Post and the like, espousing the benefits of being comfortable in your own skin, and this I agree with.

When I client is looking to lose weight, much of the time it relates to how they want to look; many other times a client wants to be physically

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24lbs lost in two weeks!

Staggering numbers.

Now, this was with a client who has recently embarked on the Hypno-Band method with me.

Before I go any further I want to make it very clear that these numbers are not normal, and indeed are not a target. A weight loss of around one to three pounds a week should be a target. Such numbers are

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I had some great clients yesterday: it was a varied day indeed!

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog: life has thrown a lot my way of late.

Still, I have enjoyed my work greatly and yesterday was a prime example of this: I greeted in new clients and welcomed in some faces from the past. I do work most Saturdays and so please do feel free to see if I have slots on a weekend that you may be able to make use of.

I also received word from one of my old clients yesterday: an annual update on how they have been getting on since they stopped smoking four years ago. I do love these updates and should you be a smoker who is looking to stop with hypnosis, I would ask you to drop me an annual text or email to let me know how you are doing. It’s a very rewarding side of what I do.

Thanks for reading.


Best way to stop smoking.

No, I’m not going to blow my own trumpet.

When it comes to what is the best way to stop smoking, the answer must be a subjective one.

I myself am normally the last ditch effort for the smoker, and I am fine with this.

The term

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I was recently asked what the difference between Hypno-Band and hypnotherapy for weight loss is.

Well, the truth is that they are both hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Hypno-Band (also know as hypnoband or gastric band hypnosis) is a licensed system, designed to help the client think differently about food… but hypnosis is still the vehicle used to take the message to your subconscious mind.

Here are some words from the horses mouth—or the Hypno-Band website if I’m

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"Am I hypnotizable?"

In a word… yes.

If you have asked yourself that question or have thought “I’m too strong willed to be hypnotized” then you may well have the wrong impression of what hypnosis really is.

A weak mind does not a good hypnotic subject make.

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My client Dave, and his weight loss journey so far—119lbs.

Yesterday lunchtime I had the pleasure of welcoming back Dave (hello Dave if you’re reading this). Dave was in for his final Hypno-Band session.

Dave left rather a long gap before coming back to see me for his final session. Normally session 4 is some six to 10 weeks after session 1. I however, like to leave the time frame down to the individual for this session—just as long as there is at least the six week gap—and can therefore be longer than this. No, Dave did not lose 119lbs in around ten weeks; that would not be a healthy thing at all! Seeing him again

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