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Hypnosis and Trance

They are not the same… but they often both have a place in the work that I do.

Hypnosis is a narrow focus of attention, so that the person can become absorbed. For therapy this would be directed by the therapist’s voice. Trance is like daydreaming. Using both together can lead to poerful change work for the client.

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Great start to the year for my weight loss clients.

Primarily using the Hypno-Band method, but also heading in other directions, January saw a recorded weight loss of almost 100lbs.

I great start to the year; I expect February to look good also.

To those clients, I say well done.



It's approaching that time of year again...

I’m talking post-Christmas.

It’s that time when many people make good on their new year’s resolutions, and some others not so much.

Typically, January and February are the busiest times of year for many therapists as we are charged with getting many clients back on track; for others, it’s the beginning of a healthier, newer them.

For my part, I felt that I needed to get ahead of the game

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8lbs lost in one week for a recent client.

It’s great, but I will emphasize it’s not typical, as it depends on your start weight.

A woman weighing, say 10 stone at a height of 5ft 3 inches, would not expect this. The percentage would be too high and not possible.

It does, however…

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So, I got this lovely message this week... click and have a read! (even if their auto correct had me being called 'Paul'!)

Okay, keep with me, I’m going to try to put up this picture of the text message I received.

It made me smile. A great, wonderful message from a lady who came with her mother, for back to back sessions for stopping smoking. Her mother’s health was deteriorating (due to smoking) and they came to see me, one Saturday (I think) a few weeks back.

The outcome was great.

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