Hypnotherapy in Leeds, Halifax & Bradford | Blog | 8lbs lost in one week for a recent client.

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8lbs lost in one week for a recent client.

It’s great, but I will emphasize it’s not typical, as it depends on your start weight.

A woman weighing, say 10 stone at a height of 5ft 3 inches, would not expect this. The percentage would be too high and not possible.

It does, however, go to show that it is achievable and safe if the start body fat percentage is pretty high, it’s more than achievable, and the bonus is that there is no “diet” involved.

I’m talking about Hypno-Band in this instance. I do talk about it a lot, but that is because I do a lot of it and to see it empower a person to be satisfied with less and to make healthier food choices pleases me greatly. Seeing that change is what drives me forward in my work.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a safe, non-invasive method, and it does not involve bonkers, snake oilesque or dangersous approaches to getting a healthier body.

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