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24lbs lost in two weeks!

Staggering numbers.

Now, this was with a client who has recently embarked on the Hypno-Band method with me.

Before I go any further I want to make it very clear that these numbers are not normal, and indeed are not a target. A weight loss of around one to three pounds a week should be a target. Such numbers are sensible, safe and sustainable. Losing 11lbs in one week and 13 the next are numbers that are not sustainable. They are, however, achievable if your start weight is fairly considerable and you make very quick changes to your lifestyle. My client had both of these elements in his corner.

This client was fully prepared to do what it took and did not see hypnosis as a magic bullet. More than this, he prepared to change his lifestyle on the day he began with me and used this method as a start point. He had even been prepared to start prepping his food the night before, knowing that he would be in full control over the quality of food he consumed throughout the day. Tupperware is a wonderful thing!

He used Hypnotherapy to make the transition an easier one—streamlining his goals with his subconscious.

I fully expect to see his weight loss slow down to around two to three pounds a week before long. After all, once the weight is gone, it’s no longer there to lose. Such rates are physically impossible to maintain.

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