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A belated happy new year!

For anyone dropping by, thank you.

I hope that the year ended well for you and that this year is a great one.



The Problem With the 'Beach Body'

Quite simply, it puts pressure on people to achieve ideals . . . which in turn can lead to feeling not good enough, putting oneself in a state where they are even less comfortable in their own skin, should they already not be—mostly—impressed and satisfied with what they see when they look in the mirror. It can also be an inception point of unease to those who were previously pretty satisfied with themselves.

I’m glad that, for the most part, that advertising campaign and movement is mostl

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Almost winding down for the year

Thank you to the wonderful people who I have met during the course of this year; it was truly an honour to work with and for you.

I’m still seeing clients up until Christmas eve.

In case I don’t make a post before the new year, I wish you all the very best for the future. Both those who I have met and am yet to spend time with.



The Wayward Meditatator

Yup, that’s me.

I’ve got that monkey/chipmunk/ferret—whatever you may want to call it, rattling around in my head.

It’s the ego, the sub/unconscious.

And I use hypnotherapy (yes I have my own therapist whom I see several times a year) for what I call “top-ups”.

I also meditate . . . .

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Been a while since I posted...

I finally had a holiday at the start of the month!

The first one in quite a few years, and 47C temps were mind-blowing.

I’m back in the office now, between clients, and, whilst I miss the good weather we enjoyed in the UK through June and most of July, it is good to have more manageable temps . . . particularly in the Mill. (No air conditioning.)

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As we head into spring . . .

. . . we move towards to the hope of some sun this year, perhaps?

And that can mean new and different goals for a lot of folk.

I’m tuning myself up a bit—with the aid of hypnosis—and will be shedding a few unwanted and unnecessary pounds, and that’s okay.

After all, that will make me happier and healthier.

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Getting ready for 2018?

I’m working some reduced hours between now and the new year—but I’ll be back in the office at 09:00 on Tuesday the 2nd.

If any of my past clients happen to be reading this, I just wanted to stop by to say

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I receive a nice text from a Hypno-Band client

32lbs lost (so far). A nice, steady, consistent loss.

All of course, without being on a diet.

I do look forward to helping more clients begin their journey to a healthier way of thinking about food.