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Peter Preston hypnotherapistPeter Preston
BA (hons) DipHyp, GHR Reg, CH NGH

  • Fully qualified.
  • Insured.
  • GHR Registered.

I was first introduced to hypnotherapy many years ago when I received treatment for my then morbid fear of flying. Before being helped by a hypnotherapist I would be a nervous wreck even at the thought of boarding a plane.

This changed my life, and not only was my fear of flying totally absent from my mind but I was also free to pursue a job that would see me flying up to 30 times a year as an ROV pilot offshore. In fact, by the first flight after my treatment I was almost indifferent about take off!

Even though I was able to enjoy a new career I was still finding myself going back to the the method that helped me to make these changes. Before long I was privately studying hypnosis, eager to see how it was able to do what it did and alter my way of thinking for the better.

When I decided to take my studies further and become a Clinical Hypnotherapist I was trained by Brian Jacobs of Harley Street, London, who was himself trained by Paul McKenna.

In the last few years I have used hypnosis to assist in the birth of both of my 2 children.

I use a Hypno-Com communications system for a more in depth experience for my clients. This enables my voice to come through clearly from quality headphones and using custom built microphones, especially made for the profession.

I utilise hypnosis for the treatment of smoking cessation, weight loss, confidence issues, motivation, phobias, public speaking and many more.

I am a registered and accredited therapist and am enjoying working with clients in the Calderdale area and beyond.

Thank you for visiting my site and please feel free to call or mail me with any questions you may have.


Peter JB Preston

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